Strategic Planning

  1. Improve School Safety Infrastructure and Protocols. check
  2. Create and Implement School Districts Communications Initiatives.check
  3. Increase High School Honors, College Credit, and AP courses.check
  4. Remove all modular classroom trailers.check
  5. Implement All-Day Kindergarten.check
  6. High School - Middle Schools Combined Transportation Routes.check
  7. Reconfiguration of School District. (Grades K-5) check
  8. Reduce spending by increasing efficient use of taxpayer dollars.check

Completed Improvement Projects

  • Signage
  • Crosswalks
  • HS and MS Bike Racks
  • HS and MS Fire Alarm Systems
  • Bleacher hand rails and steps
  • New High School Roof
  • Modular Classrooms removed
  • Conference Rooms
  • Book Rooms
  • Secured Atriums HS/Mines
  • Gas Line replacements Springs and MS
  • Lead fixture replacement

Safe Routes to School Completion

  • Sidewalks
  • Lighted 20 mile per hour signs
  • Curriculum promoting walking between HS and MS
  • Curbing/bike racks
  • Count-down crosswalks signals
  • Light signals
  • ADA compliant accessibility between HS and MS

Maintenance Cost Savings

  • Over $409,000 in cost savings.
  • Acquire multiple bids on purchased services and parts.
  • Streamlined parts and materials ordering through single purchaser.
  • Job scheduling and electronic work order system implemented for greater efficiency.
  • Initiated local vendors/businesses to be included in quoting.
  • Seek to repair, rather than always replace.
  • Hired skilled individuals to perform work in-house.

Transportation Savings

  • Reduced mileage, fuel consumption, and maintenance on our buses by 50% by combining the MS and HS routes.
  • 14 minute transit between buildings.
  • Elementary route transfer to destination buses in down to 4 minutes.
  • All student rides on bus routes average between 26-48 minutes. (first to last)


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