Purpose of House Bill 410 - Ohio State Law

It is important for every student in Ohio to attend school every day.  Research shows that missing too much school has long-term negative effects on students, such as lower academic achievement and adversely impacting graduation rates.  


Parents please review the following information below.  The most important element as a parent is to make sure you:


  1. Ensure your student is punctual, not tardy, and having great attendance.

  2. In the case of an absence, supply written documentation explaining the purpose of the absence.

  3. Understand that this state policy is meant to be supportive in nature rather than punitive.


Also, if your student is deemed excessively absent or habitually truant, you may receive letters, phone calls, or be asked to come to meetings to provide solutions and support the attendance needs of a student.

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Examples Of Legitimate And Excused Absences:


Parents will be asked to supply written documentation to support that an absence is excused.

Howland Local Schools will accept documented parental contact for the following reasons / legitimate excuses; Reasons for which students may be excused include, but are not limited to:


  1. personal illness of the student;

  2. illness in the student’s family;

  3. needed at home to perform necessary work directly and exclusively for parents or legal guardians (applies to students over 14 years of age only);

  4. death in the family;

  5. quarantine for contagious disease;

  6. religious reasons;

  7. traveling out of state to attend a Board-approved enrichment activity or extracurricular activity (applies to absences of up to four days 24 school hours) or

  8. as determined by the Superintendent.


*Vacation is not legitimate but work can be made up with administrative approval.

*A child who falls within guidelines of HB 410 may be given a success plan with an absence intervention team.


FYI:  Our school day is 5.8 hours once non-instructional time has been omitted.


HABITUALLY TRUANT without a legitimate excuse

  • Absent 30 or more consecutive hours. (4.8 days)

  • Absent 42 or more hours in one month. (6.7 days)

  • Absent 72 or more hours in one year. (11.6 days)


EXCESSIVE ABSENCES with/without a legitimate excuse

  • Absent 38 or more hours in one month. (6.1 days)

  • Absent 65 or more hours in one year. (10.4 days)



Tardies & Early Dismissals


Tardiness to school will be excused or unexcused as per the same Ohio Revised Code guidelines and district interpretation as are daily absences. Early dismissals are counted the same as a tardy.  Tardies and early releases are counted toward the maximum allowable hours in which a student is permitted to miss school under HB 410.  If a tardy or early dismissal is due to a doctor appointment, a medical excuse is required for it to be considered excused and legitimate.



Absence Intervention Plan


Howland Local Schools are required by law to take action by contacting a parent or guardian when your child approaches the limits for habitually truant and excessively absent.  


You and your student could then be referred to an Absence Intervention Team to establish a supportive plan to improve school attendance and address the needs of the student.



Further Information from ODE can be found at the link below:


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