Fiscal Services - Treasurer's Department

Rhonda L. Amorganos, Treasurer/CFO


1) Serves as Chief Financial Officer of the School District:

  • Is a critical part of a chain of team players, including the Board of Education, the Superintendent, and Administrators.
  • Ensures that the school business reporting provides relevant, faithful, and comparable information on the financial position of the District.
  • Is responsible for the economic strategy and forecasting of the District.
  • Does long-term investing making risk and liquidity top priorities.
  • Responsible for receipts and disbursement of all the funds of the school district, as required by applicable laws and in accordance with board policies. 

2) Serves as Secretary to the Board of Education:

  • The Treasurer reviews procedures and financial reporting, and acts as advisor to the board on financial strategy.
  • The Treasurer records, and has custody of board meeting minutes and files. 

3) Responsibility and Primary Stakeholders:

  • The Treasurer’s office affects all areas of the educational process. Although the staff does not have direct contact with students, each student’s education depends on its daily operations i.e. paying teacher salaries, purchase of instructional supplies and books, paying utility bills, etc.
  • The Treasurer ensures that their office staff is continually motivated to deal effectively and positively with people to ensure that our primary stakeholders, our students, have an effective learning environment.
  • The statutory duties of the Treasurer are set forth in Ohio Revised Code sections 3313.22 through 3313.32.
  • The Treasurer’s office makes every effort to provide effective and efficient service to the District, its staff, and most importantly, its STUDENTS.

4) Email the Treasurer:


Jeanne Smith, Assistant to the Treasurer
Phone: (330) 856-8207

Contracts/Salary Notices
Health/Life Insurance
Worker's Compensation
Student Activities 


Susan Fleming, Fiscal Specialist-Payroll
(330) 856-8200 ext. 68203

Payroll processing
Salary calculations
Retirement/Severance Calculations
Address/phone changes


Michele Vlosich, Fiscal Specialist-Budgetary
(330) 856-8200 ext. 68210

Purchase Order Processing
Accounts Payable 
Accounts Receivable


All Ohio school districts are required to submit a five-year financial forecast by October 31 and May 31 in each fiscal year. The five-year forecast provides three years of "actual" and five years of "projected" general fund revenues and expenditures. 

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