RemotEDx is a state-level initiative that brings together a unique mix of remote, hybrid, and blended learning partners from across the state to help schools and districts enhance, expand, and more effectively scale high-quality remote, hybrid, and blended education models. Consistent with Each Child, Our Future, Ohio’s strategic plan for education, RemotEDx places a premium on equity and seeks to support Ohio’s most underserved students.

RemotEDx’s aim is threefold:

  • Short-term, it seeks to coordinate remote education partners to support schools and districts.
  • Mid-term, it strives to transform remote caringteaching, and learning opportunities in ways that ensure whole child wellness and success in a remote setting.
  • Long-term, it endeavors to reimagine how to plan and deliver instruction using a platform that transfers learning from in-person to a remote, hybrid or blended model instantaneously and in a way that preserves the sequence of learning.

To meet its aim, RemotEDx consists of four interlocked components:

CONNECTIVITY CHAMPIONS: Boots-on-the-ground assistance to help schools overcome internet connectivity and device barriers that limit remote, hybrid and blended education experiences.  Primary Partner: The Management Council and ITCs

THE EXCHANGE: Showcase for high-quality remote education platforms; standards-aligned instructional materials and curricula; and use-case scenarios and professional learning supports for remote, hybrid and blended education.  Primary Partner: INFOhio

SUPPORT SQUAD: Solutions-focused educational support and high-quality job-embedded professional learning opportunities for remote, hybrid and blended education approaches.  Primary Partners: Educational Service Centers

NETWORK AND LEARNING ACADEMY: Bringing all partners together through a learning community and supporting them through a professional learning academy.  Primary Partners: ITCs, ESCs, INFOhio, remote education partners/grantees 

The Ohio Department of Education is supporting RemotEDx through a $15 million investment of state activities funds made possible by the federal CARES Act. The initial RemotEDx concept was born out of a co-design team assembled to respond to the U.S. Department of Education’s Rethinking K-12 Education Models grant in June 2020.

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