Letters, numbers, shapes and colors are just a few of the things Howland Springs preschool students will be learning this school year as part of the district’s new in-house operated preschool program.

For the last several years, the district has been researching ways to establish an in-house operated preschool that offers an early start for children and specializes in educating both typical learners and those students who have special needs.  After sharing with the Board of Education that all of the parts were in place, the district moved forward with launching this new initiative in September of 2021.

“The preschool is an important addition to our District as it offers an early start to learning for kids and sets a path for a seamless transition into kindergarten the following year under the same roof. We look forward to the program’s continued growth and success,” said Howland Local School District Superintendent Kevin Spicher.  

Teachers Hannah Burke, Maddie Sanders and Ashley Shuluga lead the preschool department each teaching three morning and three afternoon classes Monday through Thursday.  The preschool program is working toward earning its 5 Star Rating through the state and the district looks forward to expanding the program each year to serve even more preschool-aged children.