Dear Howland Schools Families,

As we continue to develop and solidify the logistics for our restart plan, we will continue to publish surveys to gather your valuable input so that we can make the most informed decisions along the way and keep you in the loop throughout the process.


The results from this particular survey will assist us in determining exact numbers for enrollment in the INDEPENDENT ONLINE REMOTE LEARNING option being offered. This option is for those students who DO NOT plan to return to school under the following models:

1. Traditional Learning Plan: traditional learning plan with face-to-face instruction at Howland Schools
2. Hybrid Learning Plan: a blend of face-to-face instruction at Howland Schools and online remote learning

We are prepared to start back under the traditional learning plan if health conditions should improve prior to the start of school.  However, if state/local social distancing guidelines and conditions have not changed, the intent is to return to school using a hybrid learning model.

Commitment: Students will only be permitted to switch learning plans at the end of the semester.

Reasons for Remote Online Learning Model
1. Students are unable to participate in on-campus learning: Students/family members living at home with medical conditions that compromise immunity system.
2. Families are not comfortable participating in on-campus face-to-face learning 

Remote Online Learning Model
1. Standards-based and aligned online learning curriculum 
2. Content, learning activities, assignments and assessments located in this singular learning model
3.  Features guided pacing and independent learning that engages students in curriculum activities 
4. Assists students with special needs  

The deadline to complete this survey is August 7, 2020.  More details about remote online learning will be shared by August 7, 2020, with those families who have indicated an interest in this survey so families can confirm their intentions by August 10, 2020.