Howland High School showcases fine and performing arts program

Last school year, Howland High School initiated efforts to bolster the way in which it showcased the district’s fine and performing arts department. 

Building upon those endeavors this year, the district recently installed an extensive art display system that allows the high school to continue the tradition of showcasing student talents and abilities in the arts throughout the hallways of the school.  The new display system allows the art department to exhibit current work from students and easily rotate work that’s created throughout the year.  It also allows the art department to continue to display student murals that were painted years ago.  Last year, the art department photographed each mural and had them blow up into large portraits, which now hang on the walls.  In addition to the display system, the high school is also displaying artwork on the glass blocks that line the hallways.

The art department, which is led by teachers Jerry Young and Rich Burnett, offers students five different visual art courses that allow Mr. Young and Mr. Burnett to showcase a variety of concepts, styles, techniques and materials.   

“Student interpretations, ideas and thoughts are truly evident as you look at the work on the walls,” said art teacher Rich Burnett.  “The arts are a  $730 billion dollar industry with a variety of fields to consider. We continue to do our best to promote arts.  Our goal is to not only have students experience the arts at Howland, but to gain an understanding of possible career applications.”

Not only has the district transformed the way in which they showcase the fine arts, they have also erected murals in other hallways to highlight the high school band and choir.  The large display contains a collage of images that spotlights the rich history of the district’s vocal and instrumental music programs, which have worked hard to provide students the opportunity to safely perform this school year despite the pandemic. 

“We are very proud that we have been able to provide the marching band students the opportunity to still perform music at a high level despite the challenges that we have faced this year,” said band director Greg Rezabek.

Anjanette DePoy, Howland High School Choir Director, stated, “Despite the overwhelming challenges this pandemic presents, the choir students have stepped up to the plate, by staying positive and working together. I am very proud of my students and have enjoyed watching them rehearse and sing together despite the many obstacles.  We are looking forward to sharing some of the music we have been rehearsing with our community.”