1. Improve student academic performance

  • Improve ranking in the county to determined levels when data are presented

  • Close gap to improve PI Score for District in State Comparison Data

  • Articulate curricular initiatives in specific areas requiring refinement

  • Articulate strategies to improve Annual Measurable Objectives

  • Ensure STEAM and STEM classrooms and courses are utilized to fullest potential

2. Increase and improve instructional technology and technology infrastructure on all buildings

  • Chrome books to staff and selected grade levels with a plan to rollout to all students in grades 5-12. Continue roll-out in grades 5 and 9 for 2018-19.

  • Staff Instructional Technology Professional via Technology/Communications Certified Instructor from ESC and in-house training

  • Increase student and staff time spent on computers researching and learning via instructional technology practices

3. Continue to expand internal/District and Community communications and ongoing updates

  • Superintendent Advisory; Board Meetings; Student senate meetings

  • Superintendent Staff Electronic Communications and Video Blog

  • Administrator meetings

  • BLT/TBT meetings disseminating inside and beyond

  • Board communication pathways

  • Newsletters/School Messenger/Brochures

  • ESC advertisements through TCTC

  • Via other communication authority protocols

  • Twitter, Webpage, and new electronic District and Building newsletters

  • Parental Final Forms online paperwork

4. Establish Board Partnerships and Community and regional businesses, academic institutions, private/public entities, Township and other local entities

  • Work to convince our constituents that we are all working hard to be honest stewards of taxpayer dollars and seek to build relationships with Township and local entities

5. (Pass projected Levy - Spring 2018) Continue to seek and implement efficient practices to extend current revenue for as long as possible without sacrificing educational objectives and goals for educating our kids. Contingency plans will be created to specifically address cuts and changes to the District in the event levy passage fails.

  • Continue to share fiscal status and Tangible Personal Property phase-out

  • Collaborate and assist with campaign needs for levy

  • Bring full plan for levy strategies and needs to appropriate constituents for rollout and

  • timelines

6. Continue to expand College and Career Readiness program in grades 6-12 that addresses mandate, but also assists students with genuine career path planning utilizing Naviance and other local resources.

  • Implement Student Services/Career development initiatives to optimal capacities 2018-19

7. Seek every possible resource available to our schools to acquire additional support, revenue, and available grants

8. Train required staff in CPR by end of 2017 - 18 (Mandate)

9. Expand and improve intimidation, harassment, and bulling initiatives including reporting/investigating protocols, staff training, and student/staff awareness that included drug awareness and assistance for students testing positive

  • Compliance with Federal/State and local policy

  • Professional Development for staff

  • Ongoing prevention education and awareness program in elementary and carrying through

  • graduation

  • Implement collaborative initiatives with local community agencies

  • Apply Appropriate actions for students involved in incidents of bullying

10. Implement District-Wide Safety and Wellness Committee

  • Conduct monthly meetings to address District safety and security needs

  • Implement collaborative initiatives with local authorities and county task force

  • Apply appropriate interventions for students involved in incidents of drug use

  • Purchase AEDs for several places throughout the District (seek donations)

  • Maintain all MSDSs to ensure compliance with State and Federal Guidelines


  • Determine district academic/financial needs

  • Evaluate Auditorium interests

  • Support Stadium Foundation

  • Investigate and project enrollment

  • Investigate current use of land and facilities for District future goals and interest/support

  • Continue to monitor and modify goals/plans according to community input and feedback

  • Plan for short and long-term needs; do not be reactionary

  • Address changes as needed for student success in a school district demographically changing

  • Partnerships with business both private and corporate in determining opportunities for new facilities for students to be educated in the coming years.

  • Address enrollment loss over the years and how District can continue to streamline practices