About Howland Schools

The Howland Local School District is located in Howland Township, Trumbull County, in Northeastern Ohio. Howland Township is one of two urban townships in Trumbull County. At the last census; Howland Township had a population of 19,106. Just over 28% of those homes had school-age children.

Howland Township boasts a history that dates back to John Howland landing in Plymouth, Massachusetts aboard the Mayflower. The township is named for the Howland family. Joseph Howland, a descendant of John Howland, purchased the township land in1798.

Howland Township is designated as a “Red Carnation” township selected for achievements in economic/community development, education, health and medical services and recreation and travel opportunities. It is a progressive township located near major shopping malls and boasts excellent housing and thriving commercial centers. The Howland Township Park is centrally located within the township and offers 172 acres with sports fields, playgrounds, a paved walking course, nature trails and pavilions.

The Howland Local Schools District was formed in 1917 from the consolidation of five one-room schoolhouses. The district had seen sustained growth since the early 1950s culminating in our current system of two primary schools; Howland Glen and Howland Springs, two intermediate schools; North Road Intermediate and H.C. Mines, the Howland Middle School and the Howland High School. Howland educates approximately 2,960 students each year. Fifty-seven percent of the money used to educate our students during the 2012-2013 school year came from local taxes while thirty-six percent came from the State. Last school year, Howland’s graduation rate was 93.6 % and we met 95.8% of the state indicators on the Ohio Achievement Tests.

Core Beliefs

1. A student-centered learning environment is essential for success.

2. School, home and community collaboration are necessary to achieve responsibility in our schools.

3. Academic excellence, professionalism and respect are developed by defined procedures for achievement, ethics and pride.