In the spring of 2006, the Howland Local Schools Community Collaboration Committee considered accepting the responsibility of developing a scholarships program. After coordinating with Howland Administration, the Board of Education, and Howland High School’s principals and guidance counselors, the Howland Community Scholarships Foundation was conceived.

Over the summer, a committee was formed. Jim Kiracofe, Carter Lewis and Stephanie Shaw, each of whom were members of the Community Collaboration Committee, agreed to serve on the Scholarships Foundation as well. Andy Bednar, the Board of Education member who chaired the Community Collaboration Committee, also accepted chairmanship of the Foundation. Community members Bob Battison, Bill Griffin, Michele Jones, Dennis Lewis, Jr., Dave Tricomi, and Beth Ward eagerly agreed to lend their expertise to benefit our community’s graduates.

The first step for the group was the official formation of the Howland Community Scholarships Foundation. Local attorney Mike Rosenberg volunteered to provide the required legal assistance. The bylaws developed for the Foundation provide the opportunity to generate scholarships through donations from the Howland Schools community.

The initial goal of the newly formed Foundation was to raise $50,000. However, in less than six months, the Howland Community Scholarships Foundation raised over $115,000 thanks to the generosity of the community. In the spring of 2007, the first scholarships were awarded. And every year since then, with the help of so many generous individuals, the Howland Community Scholarships Foundation has continued to serve Howland’s graduating seniors.