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The PSAT assessment is offered annually in October to sophomores and juniors.

Prospective top qualifiers on the PSAT should take the PSAT in their Junior year to qualify for the National Merit Scholarship program.


Either the ACT or SAT I should be taken no later than in the fall of a student’s senior year.  Although most colleges in Ohio will accept results from either test, applicants to state universities most often take the ACT. Highly competitive private colleges might require the SAT I and may also require the SAT II.

The ACT offers a 30 minute writing test as an optional component to the ACT assessment. Although it is optional, some colleges require the writing section and it is strongly recommended to take the writing section. There is an additional fee for students who choose to take the writing test.

Admission Test Suggested Calendar

ACT/SAT Spring of Sophomore year or any time Junior year

PSAT Sophomores and Juniors (given once a year in October)

*Students desiring to enroll in CC+ classes should take the ACT by February prior to class enrollment. All Juniors will take a state administered ACT on site at Howland High School during their Junior Year.

To check testing dates and register for either test, students may register online at for the ACT and for the SAT.

Test Preparation Resources

Test prep: