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Credit flexibility shifts the focus from the seat-time requirements of a traditional high school setting to a performance-based model. Students can earn units of high school credit based upon and individually approved credit flexibility plan. Students can earn units of high school credits based on a demonstration of subject area competency, instead of or in combination with completing hours of classroom instruction.

Ohio’s plan for credit is designed to broaden the scope of curricular options available to students, increase the depth of study possible for a particular subject, & allow tailoring of learning time and/or conditions. These are ways in which aspects of learning can be customized around students’ interests & needs.

Students may successfully earn credits by:

  • Completing coursework;

  • Testing out of or demonstrating mastery of course content; or

  • Pursuing one or more “educational options”.

Students interested in credit flexibility should obtain an application to develop a learning plan from their guidance counselors. Students wishing to participate in credit flexibility must submit their credit flexibility plan 20 days prior to the start of the upcoming semester.