Bus Temperature Scanners

In our continued efforts to mitigate the spread of COVD-19, our district purchased temperature scanning devices for our bus fleet.  The devices were installed on Wednesday, September 9, 2020.  On Thursday, September 10, 2020, and Friday, September 11, 2020, we will be testing the temperature scanners.  Our official implementation of these devices will begin on Monday. September 14, 2020. Our district, which has implemented a number of mitigation measures in our schools, added these thermal scanning devices to our buses as another layer of protection for our students and staff.   


  1. Students will enter the bus and place their forehead within 4” of the scanner for one second and then back away to wait for a green light indicator (no temperature) or a red light indicator (temperature indicated).  The temperature is also registered on the screen.

  1. GREEN LIGHT - Students will then use the hand sanitizer located below the temperature scanner and enter the bus to the appropriate seat.

  1. RED LIGHT- Students will be required to exit the bus and walk back to residence or the car that transferred the student to the bus stop (if open enrolled). 

    1. If a student’s guardians are not home and the student is too young to go back into the home without a guardian, the student will use the hand sanitizer and sit in the front passenger seat to be transported to school (this should be a seldom occurrence).  The driver will call ahead to the principal to share that a student with a temperature is on board.  The principal will arrange for the student to be assessed by the school nurse for confirmation of temperature and any potential symptoms.  If confirmed, guardians will be called to pick up the student and follow protocol shared by the nurse.  

  1. Nurses will share COVID-19 protocol papers with the family regarding the recommendation to call their family doctor and any subsequent COVID-19 follow-up testing deemed necessary, as well as return to school procedures.  

If at any point there are questions regarding the protocols or specific situations that arise, drivers should make contact with immediate supervisor or principals.