Alex Limber (Jr. AFJROTC) was nominated by his program instructors, Lt. Col. John Miller and MSgt Kelley Kibbey.  They share that “Alex brings the positive energy his classmates need this year.  He is always positive, energetic and looking out for his fellow students, especially with helping them build their gliders, complete their projects and ensuring they were able to get their projects graded.  Alex has maintained high academic standards throughout the school year.  He had ‘As’ and 1 B at the semester and is maintaining straight ‘As’ during this 3rd 9 weeks grading period with no grade lower than a 95%.  Alex is very self-motivated and only has one virtual absence for the year.  He was also trusted with making sure all 35 of his junior classmates were issued the uniforms they needed and correctly issued over $14,000 in uniform items to his classmates”.

Catherine McCauley (Sr. Welding) was nominated by her program instructor, Robert Olesky.  Mr. Olesky shares that “Cathy has been able to go above and beyond the Welding curriculum far enough to be able to assist her classmates in also achieving a higher skill level.  She has completed her work and projects ahead of time and has also obtained mastery of the metal preparation processes and have been able to prepare stacks of material to expedite her classmate's preparation process.  While Covid has put this entire school year a bit behind a normal one, Cathy has certainly done more than her fair share to help get everyone in class on track.  She is a respected and appreciated young lady by both me and her classmates”.