Makayla Marro has been being recognized as an April Student of the Month at TCTC.  

Makayla was nominated by her Pre-Nursing:Phlebotomy teacher, Barb Meyer.  Mrs. Meyer shares the following:

"I choose to nominate Makayla as student of the month because of her hard work and determination for success. She is not a straight A student. She must work hard to earn the grades she has. Makayla was determined to pass her STNA test on the first attempt, which she did. She has put in the practice and the study hours to assist her to pass the Phlebotomy certification test, which will be on May 6th. She works 35-40 plus hours a week at a local nursing home. She has held this job since the summer. She just recently transitioned from working in dietary to working as an STNA. She enjoys her job but struggles with not having the time or help to do everything in the exact way she wants to do her job. She is a kind and caring and good hearted person and will enjoy much success in her life due to her strong work ethic. I would feel at ease if Makayla was my caretaker!!"