The mission of the Howland Achievement Hall of Fame is to recognize members of the Howland Schools Community for their outstanding achievements.


Nominees must be from the following categories:

  1. Former students, teachers or administrators who have reached significant achievements in their chosen field.

  2. Former students, teachers, administrators or community members who have made outstanding contributions to the Howland Schools Community.


  1. All nominees must be of good character.

  2. All former student nominees must be alumni graduates of Howland High School for ten years or more.

  3. All teachers and administrators must have served at Howland Local Schools for ten years or more.

  4. Community members must have lived in Howland Township for a significant period of time.

  5. Exceptions to the above requirements (Ex: if an inductee has a life threatening disease or has passed away) require a 100% vote of the Selection Committee.


  1. Nominations will be solicited from the public from the day after the induction ceremony until April 1 of the following year.

  2. Nominations can be accepted by any member of the Selection Committee or the Activities Director only on the standard form created for nominations. Nomination forms are available on the website; click on the Howland Achievement Hall of Fame icon.

  3. The candidates receiving the most votes from the Selection Committee will be inducted into the Achievement Hall of Fame.

  4. The Selection Committee shall automatically resubmit the names of all nominees not inducted into the Achievement Hall of Fame for a total of three years. There is no limit to the number of times a candidate may be nominated for induction.

  5. The committee will endeavor to select no fewer than three and no more than ten inductees each year.


Inductees will be introduced during halftime at a football game, receive a plaque commemorating their induction, and be honored with a perpetual wall plaque which will be placed in the high school.


The Achievement Hall of Fame Committee is a sub-committee of the Howland Alumni Association and reports to the Howland Local Schools Activities Director. Committee members must be approved by the Activities Director.

The Committee will be comprised of five to seven members from the following categories. Care will be taken so that members represent different age groups and time periods in Howland Schools history.

  1. The Activities Director.

  2. Howland Local Schools staff members.

  3. Long-standing or retired staff members.

  4. At-large alumni or community members selected by the current Achievement Hall of Fame Committee and the Activities Director who have demonstrated a commitment to Howland Schools.


Nomination Committee
Selection Committee
Banquet Committee
Advertising and Publicity Committee
Program Committee


Andy Bednar, Chairman
Chuck Potashnik, Vice-Chairman
Dave Tricomi, Treasurer
Sue King, Secretary
Alex Vuchak, Historian