philadelphia candies

We are excited to announce our Philadelphia Candies Fundraiser will run from Friday, February 2nd until Monday, February 26! Once again, we have partnered with Philadelphia Candies to provide delicious quality chocolate to fill all of your Easter baskets! 

The profits from the sale of this fundraiser will directly benefit our students at Howland Glen to help provide extra activities and classroom projects throughout the year. We are asking that each student try to help out. Every sale counts! There is no markup price on the chocolate; therefore, this superior chocolate is the same price you would pay at their store, and every sale helps our students…a win…win for everyone!!! 

DATE OF SALE:  Friday, February 2 - Monday, February 26, 2024

ORDERS: All money collected for the orders must be turned in to the school no later than Monday, February 26th...NO EXCEPTIONS!!! Checks or money orders are preferred and should be made out to: “Howland Glen Primary.” Please make sure your child’s name, grade, and teacher’s name are on the money envelope ALONG WITH the order forms provided when you turn in your order so your student will get the necessary credit for their sales.  

If you turn in one check for your entire order, your student will be entered into a drawing for six students to have lunch and a treat with Mr. Roth!

PICK-UP DATE: The pick-up date for your order will be on Friday, March 22nd, from 4:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. at Howland Glen.